Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery Specialists

Miller Consulting provides computer forensics expertise to corporate clients as well as the legal community including law enforcement agencies. Miller Consulting has used its expertise in electronic discovery from examination of a single computer to complex networks. Miller Consulting encompasses all aspects of the process including tape restoration, drive mirroring, data capture and analysis, discovery planning, field investigation and interviewing, and expert testimony.

Miller Consulting has developed a unique process to perform electronic discovery projects and computer forensics related investigations. Using this tried and true methodology, Miller Consulting has successfully produced accurate results and finding for its clients.

When selected to perform electronic discovery or a computer forensics investigation, Miller Consulting experts follow these steps (details below):

Determine All Sources Of Relevant Information

Through interviews with pertinent parties and obtaining relevant history of case, Miller Consulting will develop an electronic discovery plan which will indicate all possible hard copy and electronic data that may need to be investigated. Further, all hardware devices (computers, servers, hand held devices) that may need to be analyzed will be identified. When needed, Miller Consulting will work with legal team to protect or obtain this information and devices, so that its integrity will be protected until the investigation is complete.

Safely And Accurately Retrieve All Sources of Information

After reviewing the electronic discovery plan with the client and verifying all legal steps have been taken to proceed, Miller Consulting will gather all relevant information. Miller Consulting uses proven and accepted computer forensics tools and processes to gather this data. This ensures that there is no spoilation and defensable chain-of-custody is maintained. The retrieval processes is precisely documented for testimony or other evidentiary needs.

Recreate Environment and Information in Lab

To avoid data spoilation and also disruption of regular business, Miller Consulting, when possible, brings data back to its lab to recreate the environment. Miller Consulting then utilizes the latest recovery tools and procedures to accurately restore all relevant information in readable formats.

Search And Analyze All Information

Miller Consulting uses powerful computers and search tools to quickly and thoroughly search all data for the relevant and critical information. Miller Consulting uses the knowledge gained from the investigation and interview process to define search criteria that will uncover the evidence. Further, Miller Consulting analyzes the results to filter out unnecessary information.

Develop Accurate and Relevant Findings

Miller Consulting produces the necessary evidence to build its case, this includes hard copies of printed information, identification of devices, and data in electronic form. Miller Consulting's reports include the procedures, the evidence, the results and the conclusions.

Verify All Findings

As a final step, Miller Consulting performs a thorough review of the completed report as well as performs legal and technical research (where appropriate) to confirm and back up conclusions made.



Miller Consulting Provides Full Computer Forensic Services:

- Document and File Discovery

- Preservation of Evidence

- Data Recovery and Analysis

- Analysis of User Activity

- Password Protected File Restoration

- Expert Reporting and Testimony

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